BAND Sacrilege ALBUM THE COURT OF THE INSANE LABEL Pure Underground Records OUT 2/8/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 SACRILEGE will be back with their 3rd album since returning in 2012 after a hiatus of 25 years. The title is THE COURT OF THE INSANE, the band's 7th studio album since they were formed in 1982 by singer/songwriter/guitarist Bill Beadle. Staying faithful to their unique style SACRILEGE have shown on this album a typically British, typically unique and traditional Metal sound releasing yet another version of classic NWoBHM, this is a must for anyone that loves British Heavy Metal. The album was recorded at Ascape studios in Bromley, Kent, U.K. and engineered, mixed and mastered by David Lear. The band plays on this album with a 3-piece line-up, while now they're enriched by another really appreciated guitarist such as Paul Macnamara. Ten songs with a style, as abovementioned, really unique, with several songs which need more than one listening to be appreciated. A long intro to open fist track CELESTIAL CITY, where we can find many KB inserts, in a context almost thoughtful; to remind the first guitar solo and this will be a trademark of the whole album. More classic the riff of great LIES, while the title track hit us for its dark shades, surely a song easier to absorb. More various next BRING OUT YOUR DEAD, with a different range of solutions and two guitar's solos, both different and compelling. DEPRESSION is darker in line with the title, while NO BEQUEATH, after a doom intro, shows a squared and classic riffing that we appreciate. THE PROPHET is another great song, closer to hard rock at times, while UNHINGED MIND push itself to more lilting seas. More direct and easier to understand next I CAN HEAR THE SILENCE, almost "punky" at times, followed by rockin' RIDE FREE e that ends in the best way this great platter! WELCOME BACK SACRILEGE

TRACKLISTING 1. Celestial City 2. Lies 3. The Court Of The Insane 4. Bring Out Your Dead 5. Depression 6. No Bequeath 7. The Prophet 8. Unhinged Mind 9. I Can Hear The Silence 10. Ride Free

LINE-UP Bill Beadle VC GT KB Jeff Rolland BG Neil “The Devil Himself” Turnbull DR #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion


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