BAND The Rods ALBUM BROTHERHOOD OF METAL LABEL Steamhammer/SPV OUT 7/6/2019 OUR RATING 86/100 After many years from last VENGEANCE, for a few days is out the new album by THE RODS, the band led by DAVID FEINSTEIN, called BROTHERHOOD OF METAL. After eight years with the band involved in many tours and with some members (FEINSTEIN and CANEDY) out with solo projects, the chance for the return of this classic moniker was provided by SPV STEAMHAMMER. In this album we can see a large use of keyboards, inside a sound clearly hard rock. A band in good shape, no doubt, and we can see it since first song, the title track, with an epic intro led by KB and voice, before a riffing so classic.

 Great runaways, a great solo for a song over 7 mins long. Great HEAVY ROCK for EVERYBODY'S ROCKIN', squared and with the right groove and with two solos to remind. More presence of the keys in SMOKE ON THE HORIZON, enriched by powerful sounds while in LOUDER THAN LOUD we can feel the flavour of Black Sabbath DIO's era. Another great track the next TYRANT KING while PARTY ALL NIGHT is a great interlude with the flavour of a jam. Closer to classic metal great TONIGHT WE RIDE with a riff which gets into your bones. After great 1982, HELL ON EARTH, darker at times, shows another really inspired solo. With Deep Purple influence next THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT, while awesome EVIL IN ME ends in the best way this great platter. WELCOME BACK THE RODS!! TO SUGGEST!! 


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