BAND HELLRAISER ALBUM HERITAGE LABEL UNDERGROUND SYMPHONY RECORDS OUT 25/5/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 “Heritage" is a concept album made by italian band HELLRAISER, which It doesn't speak of a single story nor a single adventure. It is about nine different tales coming from every continent and from different historical periods. Some of them are modern, some others are older, even older than the birth of writing itself. Within this huge chronological and thematic framework, the concept of cultural heritage is the key figure. Whatever the place in the world and whatever the period in history, the human being has always felt the inner need to narrate and express itself and its own life by means of narration. It is an heritage for the future generations which find its expression through the tales being transmited from father to son. The son who will become a father too one day, and who will narrate the same tales to his heirs. This endless cyclic nature contributes to the establishment of a shared identity which unites all men coming form any time and place. The album was recorded by Cesare Capaccioni at Barfly Studio, mixed by Ronnie Milianowicz at Studio Seven and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios. Musically a great album where the band is able to show different faces inside its sound. After the title-track, an epic intro, it's time for PLAGUES OF THE NORTH which starts with an on fire riffing, a technical solo and great vocals contribution, despite not always exalted by production. A great runaway open RITUAL OF THE STARTS, a song with a great structure, with vocals always on high tones, and a bit of Maiden's influence. Really heavier FAIRY VEIL before MOTHER HOLLE, with its sharp riffs and a contemporary touch; in our opinion one of our best. We like the approach of vocals, really expressive when they dont' push overly. After a short interlude it's time for next DELVCAEM, more epic and classic and with again inspired solo parts. After BALANCE OF THE UNIVERSE, maybe a step behind, another right shot is VOICE IN THE WIND, more melodic and with acoustic moments, before heavier ZEPHYR'S PALACE. LADY IN WHITE ends in the best way this smart platter with many solutions, clear sign that this band is many other things. WELL DONE JOB, GUYS!! LINE UP Cesare Capaccioni VC Michele Brozzi GT Marco Tanzi GT Francesco Foti BG Riccardo Perugini DR #pressagent Against PR


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