BAND Vulture ALBUM GHASTLY WAVES & BATTERED GRAVES LABEL Metal Blade Records OUT 7/6/2019 OIR RATING 88/100 After THE GUILLOTTINE out two years ago, it's time for the second platter made by speed/classic metal band from Germany Let's start sayin' that GHASTLY a leap forward when compared with previous album, developing and expanding the style of the band. The title evokes horror atmospheres, both in music, thanks to synth inserts and slow passages, and lyrics, reminding at times the KING DIAMOND mood but this band is also many other things and was able to find an own way in this first slice of career. This album is really various and, while we find their classic trademarks, we can see more classic metal passages and a better production that crearly defines all instruments. To remind solo parts, always really rich, with al large involvement of both guitarists. It's not easy choose one song or other, I believe that today the level of this band is so high that every album is to listen to from the beginning to the end. Changes of time, solos, restarts, steel attack..ONE OF OUR HIGHLITHS OF THE YEAR?! NO DOUBT! 


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