BAND Fatal Curse ALBUM BREAKING THE TRANCE LABEL Shadow Kingdom Records OUT 17/4/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 First album by another stunning band, out via SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS in April with their first album called BREAKING THE TRANCE. This trio ftom NEW YORK area provides 28 mins of music respectful of the best tradition of classic metal and more direct part of NWOBHM.. seven songs which we really enjoyed! Since first dune, the title track, we can feel the flavour of best mix between Mötorhead and more classic metal, all enhanced by a good drums job and a smart guitar solo. If you wanna find a band with similar mood, the first name that it occours to me is NIGHT DEMON. They go on with BLADE IN THE DARK, with its effective riffing, and GANG LIFE before stunning CAN'T SROP THE THUNDER, with its Maiden's runaways. The level is always high with next CHAINS OF ETERNITY, while PRIESTESS OF FIRE is more lifting and darker. EYES OF THE DEMON is the last shot that ends in the best way this great debut.

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