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BAND  KOSM ALBUM EYES ON THE INSIDE (EP) LABEL DISTROKID (DISTRIBUTION) OUT 28/6/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 KOSM are a progressive metal band from VANCOUVER, Canada; they provide an unique style where various genre are weel mixed. In 2018 was out their first release called COSMONAUT and on June 28th it will be out this EP, inspired by BLOODBORNE video game. The first shot, YHARNAM, is a progressive song that develops itself second after second; it begins with sharp riffs followed by a clear dicotomy between vocals from the deep and more melodic ines. On the same way the great CLOCKTOWER , while A CALL BEYOND is another great trip, with a melodic break and a great solo. More groovy OLD BLOOD that shows a crazy jazz-oriented break while the last song, the title track, is closer to contemporary melodic metal. GOOB JOB GUYS, IN WAITING FOR THE NEXT FULL-LENGHT!

TRACKLIST 1. Yharnam (5:25) 2. Clocktower (5:12) 3. A Call Beyond (4:16) 4. Old Blood (6:58) 5. Eyes On The Inside (4:56) EP and Live Band Line Up: • Erik Leonhard (guitar) • Jessie Grace (vocals) • Mike Slater (guitar) • Sterling Paterson (drums) • Michael Mastracci (bass)  #pressagent Asher Media Relations


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