BAND Culprit ALBUM GUILTY AS CHARGED: LIVE!!! LABEL SELF-RELEASE OUT 2019 OUR RATING 90/100 Culprit's debut full-lenght "Guilty as Charged" came out in 1983 via Shrapnel Records but due to no real management, the band parted ways and original founding member Scott Earl was member of TKO and The Bang Gang up until the early 90s. Over the years the band has done several reunion shows including opening for Metal Church, The Wacken Festival in 2001 and headlining H.O.A festival in 2010. Since then, hes put together a new line up that includes two stunning musicians from Sardegna; Patrick Abbate on guitar and Mino Mereu on lead vocals, along with Saul Ashley on drums. The added value of this platter that will be out throughout this year is the powerful sound that honours to these amazing songs and this new lineup does a live version that is the closest thing to realizing the original vision. The tracklist consists of nine songs and a bass solo led by master SCOTT EARL. The guitar lines of PATRICK ABBATE are really awesome, MINO MEREU is incredible and grandiloquent, the drum work is various and SCOTT EARL is not limited to hold the time. The real goal of the band is record a full length of all new material for 2020. We have the chance to listening to in preview three starters and rest assured that we're talking about somethin' esplosive. The first one is called (provisionally) THE WIDOWS WAIL, that starts with a pressing drums, a fast guitar and a roaring bass before entering epic vocals. Great changes of times and an awesome series of solos. Amazing! The second ace is THE SALT AND THE SWEET, opened by acoustic guitar and vocals; a power ballad that you'll love it. HOLY ROLLER shows a really various song, really fancy, a bit darker, with a complex structure! 


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