BAND RAINBOW BRIDGE ALBUM LAMA LABEL SELF-RELEASE OUT 18/9/2019 OUR RATING 90/100 Well-known as JIMI HENDRIX Tribute Band, RAINBOW BRIDGE are out with a new EP called LAMA, their second, with six previous unreleased tracks. While DIRTY SUNDAY was a long psych jam, this one hit us with six compositions where prevail the song- format. The outcome was AWESOME!! The whole environment is son of HENDRIX, of acid (hard) blues; solos blow up on their own and they're able to mix more rockin' moments (WORDS) with more misty atmospheres (NO MORE I'LL BE BACK or DAY AFTER DAY). If title-track is a really hot instrumental, vocals are a real added value since next song THE STORM IS OVER. AN AMAZING TRIP TO HEART OF OUR LOVED MUSIC, WHEN SOUL AND IMPROVISATION WERE ESSENTIAL!

TRACKLIST 01. Lama  02. The Storm is Over 03. Day After Day 04. Words 05. Spit Jam 06. No More I'll be back LINE UP Giuseppe “Jimi Ray” Piazzolla GT VC Paolo Ormas DR Fabio “Fabass” Chiarazzo BG #pressagent Frantic Mule 


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