BAND Amulet ALBUM THE INEVITABLE WAR LABSL Dissonance Productions OUT 17/5/2019 OUR RATING 87/100 Five years after THE FIRST, out in 2015 via Century Media Records, now it's time for the new album by NWOTHM prodigy from UK, AMULET! Let' start sayin' that this is a top level album! With three new members and only two guitarists confirmed, the band was able to do the final leap! Great merit, among others, for the new singer FEDERICO "MACE" MAZZA (welll known with Asgard). His voice is a real added value for a sound proud of their roots but various, son of classic NWOBHM in SHOCKWAVE, epic and lilting in POISON CHALICE, closer to MAIDEN in SIEGE MACHINE or in ROUNDHEAD. To remind classic but fresh GATEWAY TO HELL or more epic CALL OF THE SIREN. All seems to work at their best ..(and this isn't a litte thing) since first track THE SATANIST, with a great break almost prog, clear sign that this band is able to do many other things.

WELL-DONE WORK GUYS! #coverpic Hardrockheavymetal taken from original copy #pic from band FB 


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