BAND MANOWAR ALBUM THE FINAL BATTLE I (EP) LABEL Magic Circle Entertainment OUT 29/3/2019 OUR RATING 65/100 Already #recordoftheday our pages, THE FINAL BATTLE I is the first chapter of a saga that will end the history of one of more iconic band of whole classic HM scene. This first EP consists of one cinematic intro (MARCHES OF THE HEROES INTO VALHALLA) and three songs. After abovementioned intro of 2 mins and a half, it's time for BLOOD AND STEEL, surely nothin new but great, enhanced by epic vocals of ERIC ADAMS, by a good solo but maybe a tune not powerful enough. SWORD OF THE HIGHLANDS contains others cinematic drops but surely it's a great job, various, and with somethin' interesting. About the last YOU SHALL DIE BEFORE I DIE, sung by JOE DEMAIO, is not easy find right's a song with many problems and it's unconvincing. We hope in a growth in next chapters! 

#pics Hardrockheavymetal from original copy 


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