BAND Thrash La Reine ALBUM LA FOI, LA LOI, LA CROIX (EP) LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 31/5/2019 OUR RATING 83/100 THRASH LA REINE describe themselves as a ‘Francophone satirical epic thrash’ band that create music as they feel it and leave it up to the audience to decide where they really fit in. The exclusive French-language album follows the band's 2017 demo "Le Metal Est Notre Langue". "The album title "La Foi, La Loi, La Croix’’, in English translation means 'The Faith, The Law, The Cross’’. This title, as these three symbols, reflects the themes that we can find in this album. The first shot is POURCHASSER LE DRAGON with its classic HM touch, the french trademark language and an interesting solo. The next song, the title track, is almost punky and fast, and it seems an interlude before LA REDEMPTEUR , classic and on-fire with a stronger part that opens a smooth solo. LE PEUR DU LENDEMAIN is a great song with a more contemporary touch while GARDE LA FOI is another ace, with an hard rock flavour. The last song that ends in the best way this great EP is DU SANG SUR LES PLAINES, so various and clear sign that this band is able to do many things. With folk and epic drops, lilting or stronger in the second slice before an inspired solo. ANOTHER INTERESTING BAND TO FOLLOW!

TRACKLIST 1. Pourchasser Le Dragon (4:45) 2. Thrash La Reine (2:14) 3. Le Rédempteur (4:11) 4. La Peur du Lendemain (3:43) 5. Garde La Foi (4:46) 6. Du Sang Sur Les Plaines (8:43) #pressagent Asher Media Relations


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