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BAND BEWITCHER ALBUM UNDER THE WITCHING CROSS LABEL Shadow Kingdom Records OUT 10/5/2019 OUR RATING 87/100 Let's start at the end: ONE OF THE HM HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR! This second full-lenght by satanic trio from Portland (OREGON) is the confirm that this band has a bright future head!! 

Managed by amazing JARVIS LEATHERBY (Night Demon), they provide eight songs that hit us from the first SAVAGE LANDS OF SATAN: a mad speed metal run, enhanced by an effective solo..there's no space for nothin!! Closer to classic HM next TOO FAST FOR THE FLAMES before UNDER THE WITCHING CROSS where they return to run, with a roaring bass and pressing drums, and vocals are acid when it needs. HEATEN WOMAN, with more squared riffs, is another right shot before TOO FAST FOR THE FLAMES, another mar run, a sort of metallized Motörhead song, that we can't stop singin'! More classic the anthemic IN THE SIGN OF THE GOAT, that we can't stop singin'!! ROME IS ON FIRE is another amazing satanic attack before last FROST MOON RITUAL, more classic, where they show that they're able to do many other things!! ABSOLUTELY TO BUY!! 

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