BAND Skelator ALBUM Cyber Metal LABEL Gates of hell records OUT 14/6/2019 in Europe - 21/6/2019 in USA OUR RATING 85/100 SKELATOR has signed with Gates Of Hell Records for the release of their fifth studio album, "Cyber Metal", out on June 14th in European territories and on June 21th in North America. Formed in1998, SKELATOR is a well-known name in traditional HM world, showing Jason Conde-Houston's s various vocal range and dueling/twin guitar harmonies. SKELATOR originally met Cruz Del Sur Music/Gates Of Hell owner Enrico Leccese in 2013, who relayed word that SLOUGH FEG leader Mike Scalzi suggested the label sign the band. Fast-forward six years and the two parties have joined forces for "Cyber Metal". They started writing for the album in 2016 but they had two incidents of needing to find a bass player to round out the lineup which effectively put a stop to the writing process. In 2017, Darin Wall was choosen as new member. SKELATOR was able to put toghether an album, which is a right mix of german marked power metal with more classic and traditional vibe. The album was recorded throughout 2018 between a variety of studios, including drums at Hangar 12 in Mountlake Terrace, Washington and vocals with Matt Roach at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, British Columbia. The rest of the tracking was handled by the guitar duo of Houston and Steinway, who eventually put the finishing touches on the album this past December. The first shot is CYBER SAMURAI, a clear example of power metal fast and powerful enhanced by epic vocals that provides a personal flavour. There is no shortage of twin-guitar passages and guitar's solo is fast and technical. CAST IRON is another ace, son of best Maiden while next THE HAMMER, after a keyboards intro, is a more squared song enhanced by great solo parts and epic vocals. Highlander is another classic metal song, with a strong riffing before AKIRA, our favorite song, powerful and fast with a series of solos to remind. ERIKONIG shows an embracing riff and shows a great structure before SEVEN SCARS, with its lilting riff that open to another more squared song. The last shot is PSYCHIC SILVER WHEELS, more classy and 80’s and enriched by a great solo. GOOD JOB GUYS! WELCOME BACK SKELATOR!

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