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BAND DUEL ALBUM VALLEY OF SHADOWS LABEL HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS OUT 17/5/2019 OUR RATING 84/100 VALLEY OF SHADOWS is a thoughtful and souful journey and is also the third full-lenght by stoner band from TEXAS, DUEL. The band has a clear hard-driving mood son of seventies, all enhanced by a large dose of stoner energy. Eight epic songs in this new well-done work; the first shot is BLACK MAGIC SUMMER, a seventies hard rock song, acid or raw when it needs, slightly "purified" by vocals. RED MOON FORMING, with its roaring bass, provides a seventies song closer to THIN LIZZY before a psych break. With DRIFTING ALONE we can find somethin' wider, while in STRIKE & DISAPPEAR things slow down a bit in the first slice before becoming heavier in the second part. The side B begins with BROKEN MIRROR, another heavier shot while TYRANT OF THE THRONE sees the band strong again. More bluesy the great I FEEL NO PAIN before THE BLEEDING HEART ends in the best way this platter with its metallized hard blues. DUEL GOES ON WITH THEIR DEEPLY OWN STYLE FEEDING US A GREAT ALBUM FULL OF HEART AND STYLE! GOOD JOB GUYS! 

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