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BAND Tanith ALBUM IN ANOTHER TIME LABEL Metal Blade Records OUT 24/5/2019 OUR RATING 90/100 All we were in waitin' here at Hardrockheavymetal for the first full lenght of TANITH, the band that involves the amazing guitarist of Satan, Russ Tippins. We can say that it was worth it! IN ANOTHER TIME is really awesome and it will be surely one of "our" best album of the year! This platter has somethin' magic, we don't know what's the matter..maybe his flavour, sometimes seventies sometimes traceable to an indefinite time, maybe its style, so hard to be classified... An added value are vocals contributions by CINDY MAYNARD and RUSS TIPPINS, that intersect perfectly with complex structures of the sound. We start with CITADEL (GALANTIA PART I), amazing seventies hard rock, an imaginary trip towards a parallel reality where anything is possible. A roaring bass opens BOOK OF CHANGES, which is divided between twin-guitar passages, melody and a continuous series of guitar solos. WING OF THE OWL (GALANTIA PART 3) hit us with its bold riffing inside a wide range of solutions. On the same way the next CASSINI'S DEADLY PLUNGE, with its multi-faceted structure where is easy be kidnapped by the amazing guitar's solo. UNDER THE STARS is a tribute to more vitaminzed hard rock and shows an explosion of solos, followed by great MOUNTAIN, while ELEVEN YEARS is a fancy episode that leads us on a continuous path to growth and progress. Last two shots are DYONISUS, interesting for its changes of time, while the reprise of UNDER THE STARS is an amazing outro, with percussions and oneiric images. A MUST-HAVE..NOTHING ELSE TO SAY! #pics From Band's Fb  


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