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WHAT Festival 2019 - Day 2 WHERE LIVE MUSIC CLUB TREZZO S.A. /MILAN WHEN 2/6/2019 Second day of METALITALIA.COM FESTIVAL dedicated to Hard Rock and Sleaze. In a sunny Sunday, maybe more suitable for a bath in the sea, the first band to hit the stage almost at 2.00 pm was BAD BONES with their genuine and authentic hard rock..'n ROLL!, before Speed Stroke, one of the real surprises of the day, closer to the best swedish bands in the same field.

We had some fun with the concert of Rain, enhanced by contributions of beautiful pole-dancers; their style is surely more various and their performance was absolutely positive.

Space for another well-known italian band, Hell in the Club, supported by many fans, before the first from abroad, Crazy Lixx, for a few days out with the new platter FOREVER WILD, well-received on our pages. We're talking about a band really able to take the stage, with many great album out; surely derivatives but with the right skills!

Next was the turn for Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons; one our's gig and the audience really sparked to them, both for songs of the band and classic from Motörhead era, such as ROCK OUT, BORN TO RAISE HELL, ACE OF SPADES and BOMBER. Not to forget an acid cover of SILVER MACHINE of HAWKWIND, to celebrate again the magic soul of LEMMY. 75 mins for the concert of Hardcore Superstar, started with a long delay, due to technical issues. A sea of energy dragged the audience, with four encores, fans invited on stage to drink from the common Jägermeister bottle during LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL..or Jocke that jumps on the barcounter!

90 mins for GOTTHARD that end this edition of the festival, really well-organized in one of the more pleasant european venues. Without Hena Habegger on drums, well-replaced by experienced DANI LÖBLE of Helloween, and enhanced by two amazing chorus girls and a keyboardist, the band played an intense set finding space for classic such as MOUNTAIN MAMA (with a great guitars' solo by Leo and Freddy), LIFT U UP , TOP OF THE WORLD (with drum solo), the cover of HUSH or tracks from the last three album with Nic Maeder, such as STARLIGHT, REMEMBER IT'S ME (enriched by a great KB solo) or BANG!. Touching versions of HEAVEN and ONE LIFE, ONE SOUL, before an on fire version of ANYTIME, ANYWHERE ends this special day! A band in the best shape, with a bright future to write; firstly with a new studio album in progress.

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