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BAND Rustless ALBUM AWAKENING LABEL Buil2Kill Records OUT 5/2019 OURVRATING 88/100 RUSTLESS are made by three members of one of more famous italian hard'n' heavy band, such as VANADIUM! Stefano Tessarin on guitars, Lio Mascheroni on drums and Ruggero Zanolini on keyboards were the burning heart of this amazing band. After a long career that saw them release 8 successful albums over the ‘80s and the early ‘90s with Vanadium, in 2008 they were back with a new project: “Rustless”. This project sees two new members in the line-up: Roberto Zari on vocals and young Andrea Puttero on bass. The band is out with their fourth album “Awakening” Since first song, the title-track, they are able to entertain us with a really fancy platter, rich of many great entanglements between guitar and keyboards. In this first shot many are memories of best DEEP PURPLE, while in next MESSAGE TO GOD there are many passages almost progressive. Another great 70's HARD ROCK riff in HEART'S ON FIRE, next closer to AOR, while INVISIBLE shows again their passion for seventies HR, enriched by amazing solos, restarts and changes of time. After strong LIGHT INTO PAIN is marked by pressing drums, roaring bass, squared riffs, while WHAT KIND OF LOVE is softer than previous. TELL ME is a rockin' shot, with stunning solos, while RIDE WITH THE WIND is smart with its oriental touch. The last ace is TAKE THE SUN, one of our favs..over 9 mins so various, full of shades and changes of time..a real gem. RUSTLESS..THE LEGEND GOES ON!! TRACKLIST 1. Awakening 2. Message to God 3. Heart’s on Fire 4. Invisible 5. Light into Pain 6. I Wanna Rock You 7. What Kind of Love 8.Tell Me 9. Ride with the Wind 10. Take the Sun #pressagent Nadir Promotion


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