BAND Malleus ALBUM YOUR NIGHTMARE CALLS LABEL Kent and Sussex Records OUT JUNE 1st OUR RATING 80/100 Another cult underground NWOBHM band is ready to unleash their new beast: MALLEUS! Their long-awaited first full-lenght will be available on June 1st, via KENT AND SUSSEX RECORDS; YOUR NIGHTMARE CALLS is the title. In 1980, just three days after he left Witchfynde , Andro Coulton together with his future wife Shaz formed Malleus and over the next 2 years the band went on play a considerable amount of gigs around the UK. The band split in 1983 although Andro and Shaz did enter the studio in 1984 to record three Malleus songs, (these recordings were finally released as the first official Malleus EP -White Noise). After a break of 33 years interest in the EP from NWOBHM fans around the world push Andro and Shaz to bring Malleus back to the stage and to record a full length album. ​ With the addition of Gram Swan on vocals and Jake Weekes on drums finally this platter is done! Eight songs with a sound forged in doom but designed as a long and thoughtful trip. The production is vintage, the sound is dirty when it needs, all bass-driven and the voice of GRAM SWAN is a real added value to complement this long travel. ANOTHER PLEASANT RETURN IN NWOBHM MOVEMENT! 


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