BAND Diamond Head ALBUM THE COFFIN TRAIN LABEL Silver Lining Music OUT 24/5/2019 OUR RATING 90/100 The new album by DIAMOND HEAD is out! THE COFFIN TRAIN, this is the title, is a stunning full-lenght out, for the first time, via SILVER LINING. It's a pleasure seein' a band like this, so important for full NWOBHM movement and not only, finally well-managed and supported by a top label. Finally they have the respect they deserve! And the outcome, as abovementioned, is really important. Ten songs for 50 fancy mins where RASMUS BOM ANDERSEN on vocals is a real added value, the real heir of SEAN HARRIS, even in the presence of a really own style. The first shot is BELLY OF THE BEAST, a sparkling tune..drum runs, bass is ready to rend and roar, solos are amazing..all seems to have work well! On the same way the great THE MESSENGER that starts heavy with a powerful production before the title-track, more thoughtful and various..a real gem! SHADES OF BLACK is a bit darker, riffs are embracing and it's a clear example that this band is able to do many things. THE SLEEPER, after a short prelude, is almost progressive, riffs are razor-sharp when it needs, vocals are really classy..another track to remind! DEATH BY DEASIGN is more direct and powerful while SERRATED LOVE shows some more contemporary drops. Last two shots are THE PHOENIX, more classic, and UNTIL WE BORN that ends in the best way this great return! ONE OF OUR HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR?! NO DOUBT!

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