BAND WYKAN ALBUM BRIGID: OF THE NIGHT (EP) LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 7/6/2019 OUR RATING 75/100 Founded in 2017 by guitarist Jeremy Perkins, canadian WYKAN are ready to unleash their new EP, with three tracks where the band provides a good mix of psychedelic doom, heavy blues, stoner rock and black metal in the classic format of bass, drums, and guitar. This EP, with three songs and 20 mins lenght, is a real trip without barriers and with many entanglements between musical genres. As a story, "Brigid: Of The Night" is about the Celtic Goddess known as Brigid. The whole thematic and three songs are a historical take on ceremonies and festivities based on her deity representation and relationship with the Celtic peoples of Ireland pre-Christianity. "Brigid: Of The Night" follows the band's plan of releasing an EP every six to ten months. Track Listing 1. Imbolc (The Cleansing) (7:30) 2. Breo-Saighead (Triple Goddess) (7:08) 3. Reul-Iuil Bride (Star of Brigid) (5:20)

EP Line-Up Guitars: Jeremy Perkins  Vocals: Barrie Butler  Drums: Dug Kawliss  Bass: Corey Thomas  Featuring guest drummer :  Simon McKay (The Agonist ) on Track 3  Live Line-Up: Drums: Dug Kawliss Vocals: Barrie Butler  Guitars: J Harley Perkins Bass: Corey Thomas #pressagent Asher Media Relations


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