BAND BLIND CROSS ALBUM Merciless Time LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 5/7/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 Juan Ricardo, well-known as member of Sunless Sky and WRETCH, now is invokved in his third project called BLIND CROSS. The guitarist Rocco Stellmacher (Gorgon Eyes, ex-Mind Odyssey) is both composer and producer of "Merciless Time" and is joined by Andy Korte and Matias Hörold (both Double Action). Since first tune THE HAMMER AND THE NAIL, sound is surely typical classic metal, really powerful thanks to a great and modern production. Powerful Heavy Metal but with catchy melodies and some Hard Rock influences. Solos are always fancy and never obvious, at times we can find Maiden's inspired passages or more squared moments closer to best ACCEPT, all enhanced by stunning vocals' performances by Juan Ricardo.

ANOTHER GREAT SHOT BY PURE STEEL, AVAILABLE ON JULY 5th! TRACKLIST 1. The Hammer And The Nail 2. Doublecross 3. Blind Nation 4. Her Invisible Friend 5. Rise Or Fall 6. Bioluminosity 7. The Leviathan 8. Tear It Down 9. Infrared 10. Martial Law 11. The Yetis Call

12. Sledgehammer

LINE-UP Juan Ricardo VC Rocco Stellmacher GT Mathias Hörold BG Andy Korte DR 

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