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BAND Hellscream ALBUM Hate Machine LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 26/7/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 HELLSCREAM are ready to unleash their "new beast" called HATE MACHINE on July 26th, out via PURE STEEL RECORDS. Singer Norman Skinner, known as the frontman for such bands as IMAGIKA, NIVIANE, SKINNER combined with guitarist David "Conan" Garcia (CAGE , The Three Tremors) release their 2nd full length album "Hate Machine" for fans of true heavy metal. The album is absolutely various, all enhanced by a powerful and modern production. From THERE WILL BE BLOOD, the band provides a good mix of power and classic metal, with solos always to remind. In songs such as ZERO RECALL or SLAVES OF THE SAND, we can feel a classic sound closer to Judas Priest, while the title track or PAYBACK! are closer to thrash. Another brilliant tune is BLOOD RITE, classic and heavier, that reminds us the mood of first amazing album of project THE THREE TREMORS. Another great album to SUGGEST.. no doubt!

TRACKLIST Side A 1. There Will Be Blood 2. Firestarter 3. Weight Of The World 4. Oubliette 5. Zero Recall 6. Slaves Of The Sand Side B 7, Hate Machine 8. Another Angel Down 9. Payback! 10. Blood Rite 11. Wake The Demon 12. Generation Kill

LINE-UP Norman Skinner VC David Garcia GT Alex Pickard BG Casey Trask GT Sean Elg DR #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion


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