BAND Lunar Shadow ALBUM SMOKELESS FIRE LABEL CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC OUT 21/6/209 OUR RATING 85/100 From the mind of Max Birbaum comes The Smokeless Fires, the second album by Lunar Shadow, a band that shows its passion for classic metal exploring themes of passion and the human condition. The period after the release of previous album Far from Light was nor easy. Firstly they changed vocalists and, at same time, band leader, guitarist and main songwriter Max Birbaum was going through a series of personal problems, that surely inspired the words of this new platter. The Smokeless Fires marks the introduction of vocalist Robert Röttig, who replaced Alex Vornam last year. Röttig’s entry has added a new dimension to Lunar Shadow’s sound. The seven cuts on The Smokeless Fires are presents new elements added to their twin guitar harmonies and complex songs'structures. Seven songs really fancy and thoughtful, beggining from first CATCH FIRE, that reminds somethin' fro mmaster such as SATAN ,while CONAJOHARA NO MORE, after great entanglements between acoustic guitars, shows an electric classic metal part. Particularly inspired solo in ROSES, while PRETEND is a fancy interlude for the second part of the album. In LAURELINDORENAN another example of classic metal with several smart restarts and solo parts again to remind. RED NAILS goes on in the same way before HAWK IN THE HILL ends at best this great album!. ANOTHER GREAT SHOT BY CRUZ DEL SUR..NO DOUBT!

Line-up Max ‘Savage’ Birbaum LG Robert Röttig LV Kay Hamacher RG Sven Hamacher BG Jörn Zehner DR Track List 1. Catch Fire 2. Conajohara No More 3. Roses 4. Pretend 5. Laurelindórenan 6. Red Nails (For the Pillar of Death) 7. Hawk of the Hills #pressagent ClawHammer PR 


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