#review BAND Crazy Lixx  ALBUM FOREVER WILD LABEL Frontiers Music srl OUT 17/5/2019 OUR RATING 88/100 The new album by CRAZY LIXX out for a few days and already #recordoftheday on our pages is called FOREVER WILD, again out via FRONTIERS MUSIC. The new platter with this anthemic title shows the typical trademarks of the band, proud to be the heir of the sleaze and hair tradition of the last slice of 80's. Surely derivatives but able to do the righ thing: powerful, catchy and. .primarily, with stunning songs!! They starts with amazing WICKED, with the band right now sparkling with the mood of best RATT, followed by pressing BREAK OUT. Vocals and backing vocals are really well-groomed and are a real added value! The train goes on with more melodic SILENT THUNDER or more fancy EAGLE, all always enhanced by bold solos. TERMINAL VELOCITY is another right shot (co-writed by a Michael Palace) and the role of ballad is covered by DONT LIVE HERE ANYMORE. ONE OF OUR HARD ROCK HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR..NO DOUBT! ONLY FOR NOSTALGICS..NO!..LOOKIN' BACK TO LOOKIN' FORWARD!! 

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