BAND Aphrodite ALBUM LUST AND WAR LABEL FIGHTER RECORDS OUT 9/7/2019 OUR RATING 84/100 APHRODITE is a NWOTHM band from Canada that clearly shows its passion for classic and speed metal, ready to unleash via Fighter Records the debut album called "Lust And War". The album is set for international release on July 9th, 2019, both on CD and vinyl. Founded in the second half of 2018, APHRODITE is a band which consists of ICE WAR's Jo Steel "Capitalicide" - who wrote the music -, Heidi Stockdale, that developed the lyrical concept which revolves around Greek Mythology, Yan Turbo from COLORSFADE, on lead guitars, and Tanza Speed , with her trademark voice heard in other band such as DEMONA or OUTLINE. "Lust And War" provides a relentless and charismatic approach, with an album focused on "traditional" speed metal, enhanced by fast and inspired solos, but we can find also parts closer to more classic metal. Hittin' drums, roaring bass, guitars runaways..all songs breathless, all enriched by vocals never obvious, and, abovementioned, more classic moments that break the mad run! SURELY INTERESTING, ONE OF OUR NWOTHM HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR?! YES!!

LINE UP Jo Steel GT BG DR Jan Turbo LG Tanza Speed VC https://www.facebook.com/Aphrodite-527078501152053 https://aphroditemetal.bandcamp.com Instagram: @aphroditespeedmetal

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