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BAND DAMAGE S.F.P. ALBUM DAMAGE S.F.P. LABEL ROCKSHOTS RECORDS OUT 14/6/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 DAMAGE S.F.P. from FINLAND are ready to unleash their upcoming self-titled debut album, out on June 14th via Rockshots Records. The debut album is a compilation of 30 years of music created by the band During the band's existence, they released three demos in the ’90s: 1992, 1993 and 1996 along with a promo tape in 1994 and continued performing until 1996 before disbanding. Moshing in 2018, DAMAGE S.F.P. was reformed by guitarist Nikkilä and drummer Lipsonen with bassist Remes. This album is the debut, but at the same time collection of their best songs. It's obviously various, with influences from classic metal to thrash and death metal. From RIDE with its classic trash riffing to DEATH OR INNOCENT where we can see somethin' different, from anthemic TYRANTS to ODE TO SORROW, more classic and with great changes of time, opened by INSOMNIUM, with this great acoustic arpeggio. Again classic thrash in TRAGEDY before more lilting GRAIN BRAIN, while IN TERMINATION, goes on between classic and prog. BURST OF RAGE ends in the best way this great "debut". Almost 30 years for a debut, but it was worth it!! The first single off the album "Ruthless State" can be heard at the following link:  Album pre-order available via Rockshots Records:    Track Listing 1. Ride 2. Death of Innocent 3. Ruthless Fate  4. Tyrants 5. Insomnium (inst.) 6. Ode to Sorrow 7. Tragedy 8. Grain Brain 9. Crying for Relief 10. In Termination 11. Burst of Rage

DAMAGE S.F.P. are: Jarkko ”Jaake” Nikkilä VC GT Antti Remes BG Tero Lipsonen DR #pressagent Asher Media Relations / Rockshots Records

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