BAND Alberto Rigoni ALBUM PROG INJECTION LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 7/6/2019 OUR RATING 90/100 ALBERTO RIGONI, a dedicated composer and addicted to bass guitar, is ready to unleash his new album called PROG INJECTION, available on June 6th. Well-known as bass player in bands such as BAD As and The Italians (‚Britalian' Pop Rock), the technically accomplished and equally soulful string virtuoso gains rapidly audience in the international music scene for inventive and atmospheric genre-crossing compositions. ALBERTO RIGONI paints alluring INSTRUMENTAL HEAVY PROGRESSIVE-soundscapes comprehensible to wide range of listeners. 40 mins really fancy where ALBERTO RIGONI is able to entertain us with a long trip throughout many atmospheres Opened and closed by two cinematic intro and outro, we can feel his prog mood embracing also six songs, at times enriched by keyboards of ALESSANDRO BERTONI, able to show his 70's approach, all led by bass Lines really groovy. All musicians shine but they are able to work as a team for a common goal. Jeff Hughell, bassist in Six Feet Under, is featured in the fourth song "Death Stick" as a special guest. Drummer Thomas Lang shows his extensive skills on the kit. He is also well known for his collaboration with music greats such as Peter Gabriel, PAUL GILBERT. AN ISTRUMENTAL MUST-HAVE! NOTHING ELSE TO ADD! 

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