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BAND SPEEDEMON ALBUM HELLCOME LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 19/5/2019 OUR RATING 83/100 SPEEDEMON were formed in 2011 in Portugal and, after several changes in the line up, they recorded in 2015 his the debut EP "First Blood" with four tracks. The EP was positive received by national and international underground. Band's members are: Bruno "Brutus" VC GT Jorge Bicho GT Diogo "Diley" BG Luis Meco DR

On the cover, Speedemon rides on a road of skulls representing the remains of humanity, the drifter brings with him an army of condemned in a post-apocalyptic environment in an era of declining humanity and announces Hellcome! A new beginning, a new order of chaos, tragedy and slaughter, without mercy and without remorse. In the intro"Army of the Doomed" Speedemon speaks to his hosts announcing the chaos, and then the epic entry of "Legion of Folls" marks the beginning of the journey through the Hellcome. Musically, all the songs on the CD cover the frailties and tragedies of humans, Hellcome being a metaphor for our worst fears and our worst acts as well. The Hellcome conceptual idea was created by SPEEDEMON. The illustration of the cover and the main character was the author of Darcy Fernandes, the graphic composition of all CD and other elements by Art Director Armando Lopes, creative and author also of the Speedemon logo. This album is surely interesting and provides an old-school approach where many influences are well mixed, from classic metal and thrash to long speed metal mad runaways, sometimes with almost "punky" drops. Vocals are rough just enough, structure are at times faster, at times complex and solos are always interesting and various. SURELY A STUNNING DEBUT!


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