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BAND WHITESNAKE ALBUM FLESH & BLOOD LABEL Frontiers Music srl OUT 10/5/2019 OUR RATING 90/100 it's not easy writin' our thoughts about a musician (and his band) that surely changed your approach to music such as Whitesnake/David Coverdale. FLESH & BLOOD is the new mighty album out after many years in waitin' but we can say that was worth the wait! 13 songs, with a powerful and modern production where we can feel many influences throughout all career of DC. Bluesy, hard rockin' or melodic when it needs and it not easy showing an album like this, the whole thing enhanced by top level musicians both in studio and live. This album grows song after song, from first GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN, son of first albums of WS or in GONNA BE ALRIGHT. SHUT UP & KISS ME is a fresh hard rockin song, well-known thanks to a great clip where are involved also wife CINDY and son JASPER COVERDALE and also next HEY (YOU MAKE ME ROCK) was promoted by a lyrics-video. If in ALWAYS AND FOREVER we can find THIN LIZZY's mood, WHEN I THINK OF YOU is the fancier and softer episode of this platter. They roar again with TROUBLE IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME, a scratching hard rock song before stunning title track, so powerful and closer to inspiration of album such as 1987 or SLIP OF THE TONGUE, and WELL I NEVER. So classy HEART OF STONE, brilliant and full of emphasis, or GET IT UP, where well-groomed backing vocals and solos' entanglements put toghether somethin' special. After softer and acoustic AFTER ALL, SANDS OF TIME is another gem, just a classic, perfect to end live gigs. NOTHING TO ADD..THE LEGEND GOES ON..AND ON..AND ON!! #pics Band's Fb 


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