BAND Stargazery ALBUM EYE IN THE SKY LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 14/6/2019 (VINYL REISSUE) OUR RATING 80/100 "EYE ON THE SKY" was the first album by STARGAZERY out in 2011. With these 11 songs they show a musical style both melodic and traditional, all enhanced by powerful keyboards closer to hard rocking sounds.  You will be reminded of pioneers like Tony Martin era BLACK SABBATH (cover version of "Headless cross" is on the album), and old RAINBOW/WHITESNAKE. STARGAZERY's vocalist Jari Tiura (ex MSG ) also brings teh epic flavour of DIO. The poweful production carries a great variety of songs from double-bass drumming ("Eye on the sky") to power ballads ("Everytime I dream of you").   After the CD release in 2011, it will be available in a vinyl limited edition of 300 black copies, with 1 Bonustrack and insert. TRACKLIST Side A

1. Dying 2. Puppet On A String 3. I Am The Night 4. Eye On The Sky 5. How Many Miles 6. Everytime I Dream Of You Side B

1. Judah (The Lion) 2. S.O.S 3. Jester Of Kings 4. Headless Cross 5. Rescue Me (Bonustrack)


Jari Tiura VC Pete Ahonen GT BV Jukka Jokikokko BG BV Marco Sneck KB Jussi Ontero DR #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion


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