BAND MadHouse  ALBUM MadHouse Hotel  LABEL DYSFUNCTION OUT 29/3/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 MADHOUSE IS A female-fronted band based in ITALY, led by singer FEDERICA TRINGALI, well known in several projects. Basing on lyrics on direct live experience, they show a great platter with good potential. Among others, four songs were produced in 2015 inside an EP called YOU WANT MORE. MADHOUSE HOTEL, this is the name of the full-lenght, is a concept where every tracks represents an hotel room, where every listener, once taken the key of it, chooses to stay in, in order to look for his dimension. The sound reminds "commercial" hard rock, with punky drops and a great production that provides a contemporary flavour. INTERESTING AND FRESH! #pressagent Nadir Promotion

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