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BAND Hell Fire ALBUM MANIA LABEL RidingEasy Records OUT 29/3/2019 OUR RATING 90/100 Already #recordoftheday on our pages, HELL FIRE is out with third charter of their history. And album after album, it's pleasure seein' the growin' of a band that we have followed since their first shot, METAL MASSES. In our opinion they're one of best examples of contemporary NWOTHM scene; powerful, fast, and with great songs. You can see it since first tune called WARPATH or in ON THE LOOSE, in the way of bands as Night Demon..squared riffs, mad runaways and stunning solos! The title track shows rhythms less fast, the whole thing enhanced by great changes of time and twin-guitar passages. The anthemic BORN TO BURN shows the roots of the band, with a mad speed-thrash run, before opening to somethin' more traditional. TRASCENDING EVIL shows also many different things, with acoustic inserts and more classic parts. LASHING OUT stamps on the throttle before more classic ISOLATOR and THE DREAMER. The last two shots are KNIGHTS OF THE HOLY, so Maiden-driven, and epic MASOCHIST that provides a large range of solutions. NOTHIN' ELSE TO ADD...ONE OF OUR HIGHLITS OF THE YEAR? YES!! #pics From Band's Fb  


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