BAND RAVENSIRE ALBUM A STONE ENGRAVED IN RED LABEL CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC OUT 21/6/2019 OUR RATING 86/100 Ravensire from Portugal are ready for their 3rd album called  A Stone Engraved in Red, out on June 21st via Cruz Del Sur Music. Since their 2011 formation, the band has steadily been putting a dent into continental Europe, including spots at the Riddle of Steel and Up the Hammers festivals. The outcome is in the response: Ravensire is regularly hounded by concertgoers to return — a sign that their brand of epic traditional metal is connecting with audiences. Now with two full-lengths, two EPs and two splits, Ravensire takes the next logical step forward with their third album, A Stone Engraved in Red. We can see trademarks of Ravensire such as charging guitar riffs, long-lenght lead segments and the impassioned delivery of bassist/vocalist Rick, but this time, the band (who are rounded out by the guitar team of Nuno and Mário and drummer Alex) has added new elements to their songs. Acoustic passages, complex arrangements and structures and a touch of melody at times enrich this new album. CARNAGE AT KARNAG is a clear example of squared classic and traditional HM, rough just enough. Solo parts are always well-groomed and inspired. THIEVES OF PLEASURE enhanced the epic soul of the band while GABRIEL LIES SLEEPING is another clear example of classic and powerful metal, enriched by a sparkling guitars solo. After great DAWNING IN DARKNESS, BLOODSOAKED FIELDS is a short instrumental interlude before the album's most triumphant moment that comes in the form of "After the Battle, the Ravensire's tribute to not forgotten Manilla Road leader Mark Shelton, completed with a guest vocal spot from Terminus's James Beattie. SMITING GOD shows different solutions, from speed to classic metal before the last shot, the longest of this platter, THE GAMES OF TITUS, where acoustic guitars, great changes of time and several solos provide a stunning song! A Stone Engraved in Red is also dedicated to Hartmuth 'Barbarian Wrath' Schindler — a longtime friend and supporter of Ravensire who is currently in a vegetative state with very slim hopes of ever recovering. LASTLY: MIGHTY, EPIC AND CLASSIC..ONE OF OUR HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR?! YES!!!

TRACKLIST 1) Carnage at Karnag 2) Thieves of Pleasure 3) Gabriel Lies Sleeping 4) Dawning in Darkness 5) Bloodsoaked Fields 6) After the Battle 7) Smiting God 8) The Games of Titus LINE UP Nuno – Guitars Rick – Bass / Vocals Mário – Guitars Alex - Drums Discography Iron Will (2012, EAT METAL RECORDS)  We March Forward ( 2013, Eat Metal Records) The Cycle Never Ends (2016, Cruz Del Sur Music) A Stone Engraved In Red (2018, Cruz Del SUR Music) #pressagent ClawHammer PR 


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