BAND Holocaust ALBUM ELDER GOLD LABEL Sleaszy Rider Records OUT 19/4/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 It's not easy writin' few words about the new album of a band that you really appreciate but we have to do this dirty job! Four years after the smart PREDATOR, it's time for this great ELDER GODS, out on April 19th via SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS. Nine songs where the band, also this time, is able to show a large range of solutions. The first right shot is the title track, enhanced by a great production, an embracing song that bring us to other space. On the same line CHILDREN OF THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN before amazing ISHTAR, with a thoughtful central part; all seems so fancy with darker drops that characterize the last slice. After OBSERVER TWO, EON OF HORUS is a brilliant tune, powerful and more traditional with a smart central break. ASTAROTH is another stunning long trip with great acoustic inserts, before SOLARIS, a wider song. The last shot is BENEDICTUS, a track with many faces that ends in the best way this great comeback!! IF YOU WANT SOMETHIN' CATCHY AND EASY, HOLOCAUST ISN'T YOUR BAND; IF YOUR WANT A BAND ABLE TO TAKE RISKS THIS IS AN ALBUM TO BUY! #pic Band's Fb 


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