💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal ATTIKA ! Welcome!! Firstly it's a pleasure seein’ all that attention for you! It's an exciting time! First shot of this year it's the reissue of your classic album WHEN HEROES FALL! Can you tell us somethin about that? It sounds fresh also after almost 30 years! We are very happy to have this rerelease. I believe the audio was brought back to life the magic of Audiostahl Robert Romagna. 💿 Some gigs scheduled and no tour associated with this reissue because you're totally focused on new music, in waitin’for a new full-length? Can you tell us somethin’about in preview, especially with regard to composition process? Yes it will be a full length album. The music is all demoed. We are learning and editing as we go. I believe it’s a blend of a little old Attika, but more importantly with a new approach. We are very excited about this endeavor. 💿 Can you tell us somethin about the birth of relationships with PURE STEEL RECORDS? This was quite simple. Andreas messaged me one day and asked if we would be interested in working with Pure Steel Records. I told him that I was more concerned with new music. He said this is no problem. So, signed, sealed, and delievered with out hearing anything new… Pure Steel Records are interested in the future of all their bands.

💿 There's a great return of format such as vinyl. What's your thinking about these classic for vintage or is it impossible a future for music outside digital? I look at it like paintings. You will always have collectors. I think you will notice a new generation of youth very curious about LP. An album or cd is something you can hold and touch like a book. I still read paper books, because I love the aroma of the book when first opened. 💿Which bands have you influenced the most in your early times? There are many bands that have influenced all the previous members and current. Bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Savatage, Armored Saint are all common influences. 💿 Inside your songs what’s the role of lyrics in the composition process? Words follow music or vice versa? 

The lyrics always have a something to say. My style is usually the music follows the lyrics, meaning I write the lyrics then add the music. Thank you for your interest in Attika and allowing me to expand on the future. 💿 Thanks you too much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal

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