BAND Scythe for sore eyes ALBUM Nothing LABEL Inverse Records OUT 3/5/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 Scythe For Sore Eyes for Finland are ready for their second full length, recorded at at SoundSpiral Studio with producer Juho Räihä (Swallow The Sun, Before The Dawn) and available via INVERSE RECORDS on May 3rd. The new album "Nothing" continues the traditional metal path that was started with their debut album "Dawn of a Darker Horizon" (2015) but these guys are able to provides several other solutions, from contemporary hard rock of MFR, to more squared metal of NEVER LIKE YOU. In TAKE THE FIGHT we can see more complex structures before BLACK SUNDAY that is closer to classic metal . In PHILOSOPHER'S STONE and SPIDERS IN THE ATTIC more epic drops, before NOT HUMAN push with its brilliant metal closer to trash at times. Interesting 370HSSV, more rockin' and enhanced by a great solo. A GREAT WELL ALBUM PLAYED AND WITH SMART SONGS!! #pressagent INVERSE RECORDS

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