BAND Hardline ALBUM LIFE LABEL Frontiers Music srl OUT 26/4/2019 OUR RATING 90/100 When someone talks about HARDLINE, the matter is "but DOUBLE ECLIPSE is another thing...". Yes..DOUBLE ECLIPSE is a masterpiece but it's son of other times and album from HARDLINE 2 to this LIFE deserve respect ..a lot of respect! LIFE is a smart album, with no fillers, where the band is able to develop their roots but LOOKING FORWARD! YES.. looking forward because it's time to listening new music and not always looking to past achievements. With a line up which consists of Johnny Gioeli on VC, Alessandro Del Vecchio on KB, Anna Portalupi on bass, and new members Mario Percudani on GT and Marco Di Salvia on DR, they provide 12 songs that will enjoy all listeners. The first powerful trio with PLACE TO CALL HOME, TAKE A CHANCE and HELIO'S SUN shows the flavour of DOUBLE ECLIPSE but with a modern production that exalts them. The first break is PAGE OF YOUR LIFE, so fancy and rich of melody and with a great solo, before restarting with OUT OF TIME with a scratchy riff and catchy chorus. A little darker HOLD ON TO RIGHT, really impressive, with this mighty hard rock that reminds us somethin' from the experience of GIOELI with AXEL RUDY PELL, before fresh HANDFUL OF SAND, with great entanglements between guitar and keyboards. A lot of melody in THIS LOVE, before a new shot of rhythm in STORY OF MY LIFE. There's space for personal cover of WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER and CAMELEON, maybe a step behind, before MY FRIEND ends in the best way this stunning platter! AN AMAZING ALBUM! ONE OF OUR HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR! YES!!

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