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BAND Midnight Bullet ALBUM INTO THE FIRE LABEL Inverse Records OUT 3/5/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 Finnish band Midnight Bullet will release their third studio album on May 3rd 2019. This band provides a smart album, where many influences are mixed developing a deeply own style. Squared heavy metal music but also punky vibes, tight riffs and catchy melodies. Album will be released via Inverse Records, mixing and mastering is made by Juuso Turkki (Ambiwave Audio Productions, The Hypothesis). "Into the Fire cover art represents the "bad" black ball which is inside in all of us", says the band. "This black ball can be depression, insecurity, fear etc. and how those feelings are sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker. All the songs are telling these stories in the different angles". AIN'T DEAD YET is the opener, a great heavy rock song, where live in harmony both strong riffs and melodic parts. A great "fast n' furious runaway"in INTO THE FIRE before darker RISE. More punky and almost catchy at times OVER THE EDGE before the mad rush of ONE MAN WAR. With SECOND CHANCES the band shows a trio of songs closer to contemporary hard rock, with more catchy moments. In QUITE WHISPER, after a melodic intro, riff becomes strong, alternating with more melodic parts. After MORNING STAR, ONE BY ONE shows the heavier side of the band, dulled by last LEAVINGS. A GREAT RETURN..NO DOUBT!!

LINE UP Tuomas Lahti VC GT Mikko Nokelainen DR Lauri Ikonen LG Mirko Miettinen BG #pressagent INVERSE RECORDS 


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