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BAND Enforcer ALBUM ZENITH LABEL Nuclear Blast OUT 26/4/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 After last FROM BEYOND and a long silence, finally it's time for new album by ENFORCER. With this platter the band takes the opportunity to introduce a new permanent member as Jonathan Nordwall, already seen on the road with them in Europe since 2015, a good replace for Joseph Tholl. Surely traditional HM or NWOTHM but this band is also many other things and shows a clear desire to experiment. ZENITH is an album which needs to be listened many times, before becoming familiar. Next the outcome is absolutely positive! After the first DIE FOR THE DEVIL, surely the more catchy episode son of eighties hair metal bands, ZENITH OF THE BLACK SUN is pure classic HM, with roaring bass and pressing drums, even in the presence of a clear sound. SEARCHING FOR YOU is pure tradition while REGRET is a great surprise; it starts with a melodic piano that introduces a melodic song, almost "pomp"! THE END OF A UNIVERSE returns to trademarks of the band, while SAIL ON is really particular. ONE THOUSAND YEAR OF DARKNESS shows a great structure, never predictable; more 80's track with catchy chorus. THUNDER AND HELL is a mad run, traditional with an embracing structure and an amazing solo; surely one of our favs tracks! If FOREVER WE WORSHIP THE DARK is maybe a step behind, ODE TO DEATH is another ace, epic and unique. As bonus you can find the great TO ANOTHER WORLD. WELCOME BACK ENFORCER!! ZENITH ROCKS!!

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