BAND Tanagra ALBUM MERIDIEM LABEL Self-Release OUT 26/4/2019 OUR RATING 87/100 Formed out of the love of science fiction, fantasy, and theatrical heavy metal storytelling, TANAGRA hit the Portland, USA metal scene in 2011 with epic, symphonic, progressive power metal with lyrical content about original fantasy/sci-fi settings. In 2015, they released their debut album, "None of This is Real", that shows their love for long lenght tracks and complex arrangements. The new chapter of their history is MERIDIEM, out on April 26th. The first shot is title track with its clear and powerful production and its cinematic flavour. Beetween prog and contemporary metal, all enriched by fancy interludes of keyboards and acoustic guitar before brilliant guitar solos explode with their genuine flair. SYDRIA is the second episode with guitar that starts between shredding and necoclassic vibes, followed by mighty keyboards; classic european power metal, mighty and powerful. Over 8 min for next ELECTRIC ALCHEMY, a complex song, with great phrasing inside a prog structure and solo parts again to remind..another right shot! On the same way the best SILENT CHAMBER before THE HIDDEN HAND, with its over 10 mins duration, hits us with their sophistication. ACROSS THE ANCIENT DESERT is more squared and a bit epic while WITNESS provides several solutions, between sharp riffs, acoustic breaks, runaways and amazing solos. LASTLY: A brilliant album for a brilliant band, that isn't afraid to take risks!!!

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