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BAND Strana Officina ALBUM LAW OF THE JUNGLE LABEL Jolly Roger Records OUT 2019 OUR RATING 83/100 Strana Officina, from Livorno (Tuscany), are a real legend in italian classic metal history. Active since the second half of the seventies, and its first album, the self-titled debut, out in 1984, is completely sung in italian, immediately showing a strong creative personality. The following years saw the release of two more albums, this time with english lyrics, "The Ritual" out in 1986 and the following "Rock'n'Roll Prisoners" out in 1988. Unfortunately two founding members, brothers Fabio and Roberto Cappanera, respectively guitarist and drummer, lost their lives one night in July 1993 due to car-accident. Also guitarist Marcellino Masi, from the line-up of "Strana Officina", soon disappeared. In the following years the band reformed for some commemorative gigs and recorded a demo-tape in 1995: to Daniele "Bud" Ancillotti (vocals) and Vincenzo "Enzo" Mascolo, bassist and founder of the band, join the cousins Dario and Rolando (son of Roberto) Cappanera. In the summer of 2006 the Strana Officina was called to play live as headliner to the "Italian" Gods of Metal (well-known HM festival, with a day only dedicated to italian bands) and is a triumph, the first true "engine" of a "truck" finally put back into motion. In 2007 they released "The Faith", the first official recording of the “new” Strana Officina, containing all the tracks from "The Ritual" and "Rock'n'Roll Prisoners" and also some unreleased tracks. In 2010 there was time for the new album "Rising to the Call" and now, for a dee days is finally out the long-awaited follow up called LAW OF THE JUNGLE, out via cult italian label JOLLY ROGER RECORDS. Surely an album loved by all classic and traditional HM, with all trademarks of the band and with no frills. The title track is the first scratching shot, fast and furious, enhanced by a a pressing rhythm section, with vocals of BUD ANCILLOTTI and guitar of DARIO CAPPANERA as costars. More rockin' next CRAZY ABOUT YOU and ENDLESS HIGHWAY, the first that grows time after time while the second shows "softer" and embracing rhythms, before an amazing solo takes the stage. Darker and more lilting next THE WOLF WITHIN' and SNOWBOUND, well-known thanks to official video clip on heavy rotation on our socials. With the DEVIL AND MR. JOHNSON and LOVE KILLS the band ends new tracks, the first a squared heavy rock song, without pushin' a lot, and the second interesting but maybe a step behind. Next two classics in italian language and a stunning bonus track, again in italian language, called IL BUIO DENTRO. Finally..An album well groomed and well produced that sounds good! We love tracks in english language but in italian the band is able to be literally magic! Anyway, THE LEGEND GOES ON!

TRACKLIST Law Of The Jungle 4:23 Crazy About You 4:52 Endless Highway 4:42 The Wolf Within 4:07 Snowbound 4:39 The Devil and Mr. Johnson 4:50 Love Kills 5:03 Difendi La Fede 4:01 Guerra Triste 6:56  Il Buio Dentro (CD Bonus) 4:05


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