BAND THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG ALBUM NEW ORGANON LABEL CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC OUT 21/6/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 SLOUGH FEG are ready for their long-awaited tenth studio album, New Organon, out via Cruz Del Sur Music on June 14th in Europe and on June 21st in North America. New Organon also marks the recording debut of drummer JEFF GRIFFIN, who joins Scalzi, Angelo Tringali (guitar) and Adrian Maestas (bass). New Organon is another definitive statement from one of America's most enduring and unique true metal bands, whose penchant for THIN LIZZY-inspired guitar harmonies and Scalzi's timeless storytelling has turned albums such as 2005's Atavism, 2007's Hardworlder and 2010's The Animal Spirits into proto-metal bedrocks. In best SLOUGH FEG tradition, there's a strong theme running throughout New Organon, which was inspired by the 1620 book published by Francis Bacon of the same name. Fans of the band's early output when they went under the extended name of THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG will no doubt be enthused for what's in store on New Organon. Around the release date of New Organon, SLOUGH FEG will play throughout USA with label mates Sanhedrin. Ten songs in this fancy album which starts with HEADHUNTER, a clear mix of Hard Rock and Classic Metal, good breaks alternating with fresh runaways. DISCOURSE ON EQUALITY is another brilliant shot with a complex structure enriched by fancy twin guitar themes. After THE APOLOGY, also BEING ON NOTHINGNESS reminds us the best Thin Lizzy's mood, while the title track is one of our favs, with a solo really to remind. SWORD OF MACHIAVELLI, with its "folks" mood, shows another masterpiece solo. We goes on with UNCANNY, a track really various, almost indie at times, while COMING OF AGE..returns towards more seventies seas. Last two shots are EXEGESIS..and THE CYNIC, with the second that provides a long-lenght solo to end in the best way this fancy platter! A stunning return! Thin Lizzy..folk..indie..not! Only SLOUGH FEG!!

Track Listing: 1 Headhunter 2 Discourse on Equality 3 The Apology 4 Being and Nothingness 5 New Organon 6 Sword of Machiavelli 7 Uncanny 8 Coming of Age in the Milky Way 9 Exegesis/Tragic Hooligan 10 The Cynic SLOUGH FEG/SANHEDRIN Tour Dates: May 30 – Baltimore, MD, Metro Gallery May 31- Brooklyn, NY, Saint Vitus June 1- Montreal, QC, Bar LeRitz June 2 – Ottawa, ON, Mavericks June 3 – Toronto, ON, Velvet Underground June 4 – Pittsburgh, PA, Spirit June 5 – Detroit, MI, Sanctuary June 6 – Cleveland, OH, Now That's Class June 7 – Philadelphia, PA, Kung Fu Necktie June 8 – Boston, MA, Middle East #pressagent ClawHammer PR


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