BAND Grand Magus ALBUM WOLF GOD LABEL Nuclear Blast OUT 19/4/2019 OUR RATING 75/100 Day after day GRAND MAGUS were able to made their on way between classic metal and doom. In a world where all was written, they provide a squared album surely, in our opinion, a step over SWORD SONGS. We can find all benchmarks of the band; among others, strong riffing, epic mood, the firm vocals by JB CHRISTOFFERSSON and a basic and inspired at same time guitarwork. The structures aren't complex but the outcome is anyway satisfying, maybe the solo parts are limited and to develop. We can find Interesting tracks such as DAWN OF FIRE and the title track, the anthemic BROTHERS OF THE STORM and faster UNTAMED. NO DOUBT, another solid rock in the history of GRAND MAGUS!

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