BAND AxMinister ALBUM The Crucible of Sin (EP) LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 4/5/2018 OUR RATING 83/100 It's not easy hittin' listeners with a five tracks-EP but AxMinister also this time hit the spot! Hailing from Ontario, Canada, AxMinister are alive since 20 years. In magic and metal myth, names have power, and none more so than AxMinister, as splendidly-named drummer Bas Von Bismark explains: “We play warriors of metal on a holy quest. Our preferred weapon is the Ax. It’s also a street name where we partook in libations as teenagers.” Bas is stoked for fans to hear AxMinister’s new music, their forthcoming 2018 EP “The Crucible of Sin” to follow singles “Visceral Speed” (2017), “AXistential Christmas” (2015), “Unborn Warriors: The Cries of Tomorrow” (2015) and full length “Betray Everything” (2015). Out on May 5th as a self-release, they are able to mix many influences developing an own style. They start with the heavy rock of first song PREY, almost catchy at times, enriched by a great technical solo. SALVATION takes a look to classic metal and trash while in THE TRIALS OF HERCULES vocals are rough and rhythms are more lilting. THE in our opinion the best track, so various, with several changes of time, squared riffing and a more complex structure. SANCTUS EQUITIS MORTIS is the last shot, a trash metal attack that ends in the best way this great platter! 

TRACKLIST  1. Prey (4:15) 2. Salvation (4:16) 3. The Trials of Hercules (4:06) 4. The Succubus and the Crucible of Sin (5:10) 5. Sanctus Equitis Mortis (5:06) EP Length: 22:56 LINE UP Nicholas Klaus BG VC Bas von Bismark DR Tim Smith GT Nick Allaire BV (studio only) #pressagent Asher Media Relations


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