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BAND LEATHER ALBUM SHOCK WAVES: 30 YEARS HEAVY (LTD VINYL ED- REISSUE) LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 28/6/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 30 years ago Leather Leone released their first solo album as LEATHER. Her career began in the first slice of eighties. With Sandy Sledge she founded the all-female band RUDE GIRL, which broke up despite having a record deal. 

However Mike Varney wanted to find a band for Leather and brought her together with guitarist David T. Chastain. As CHASTAIN they released five albums in six years, but in 1989 LEATHER wanted to record a solo album. With her bassist David Harbor (CHASTAIN, King Diamond, MANTA RAY), guitarist Michael Harris (DARKOLOGY, THOUGHT CHAMBER, ARCH RIVAL, ZANISTER) and drummer John Luke Hebert (MANTA RAY, CHASTAIN, KING DIAMOND). The outcome was "Shock Waves", which was a classic underrated example of US Power Metal, with great tracks such as "Something in this Life" and "It's Still In Your Eyes". After 30 years, this album will be finally available on vinyl, thanks to this fancy reissue by PURE STEEL RECORDS. TRACKLIST Side A 1. All Your Neon 2. The Battlefield Of Life 3. Shock Waves 4. In A Dream 5. Something In This Life Side B 6. Diamonds Are For Real 7. It's Still In Your Eyes 8. Catastrophic Heaven 9. No Place Called Home 10. Diamonds Are For Real (Demo, Bonustrack) 11. Catastrophic Heaven (Live, Bonustrack)

LINE-UP Leather Leone VC Michael Harris GT David Harbour BG John Luke Hebert DR special guest: David T Chastain (2 Bonustracks) GT #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion/Pure Steel Records


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