BAND Hidden Lapse ALBUM BUTTERFLIES LABEL ROCKSHOTS RECORDS OUT 31/5/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 HIDDEN LAPSE are a female prog-power band from Italy ready to unleash the sophomore album “Butterflies“, out on May 31st, 2019 via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS. Since first shot, DEAD JESTER, we can find abrasive riffs on a melodic base, all enhanced by a progressive flavour. THIRD is another example of great contemporary melodic metal, with a great range of sounds put togheter from guitars. In the LETTER 0, more lilting, melodic attitude is finally helped by a great guitar's solo. After the fancy STONE MASK, introduced by a fancy piano, and GLITCHERS, GRIM POET is more classic in the first slice, while remaining closer to sound contemporary and progressive. If in SLEEPING BEAUTY SINDROME and CRUEL ENIGMA vocals are well managed, DUST is the last shot that ends in the best way this interesting album! TRACKLIST 1. Dead Jester 2. Third 3. The Letter 0 4. Stone Mask 5. Glitchers 6. Grim Poet 7. Sleeping Beauty Syndrome 8. Cruel Enigma 9. Dust 10. Silent Sacrifice (rearmed) / CD Bonus Track Produced by Marco Ricco – Mixed and mastered by Francesco Pellegrini. LINE UP Alessia Marchigiani VC Marco Ricco GT VC Romina Pantanetti BG Alessio Monacelli DR #pressagent Rockshots Records/Asher Media Relations 

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