ALBUM WITHOUT LOOKING BACK LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 14/6/2019 OUR RATING 86/100 KAT are finally ready with their new work called "Without Looking Back" out via Pure Steel Records on June 14th. With this well-known job they add another ace to their career started in 1981. With over one hour lenght, they provide ten songs with a large range of solutions. BLACK NIGHT IN MY CHAIR is the first shot, a smart song between classic an' power metal in the first slice, while next POKER is able to scratch. MEDIEVAL FIRE is another interesting track, with a blasting solo and a touch of theatricality. THE RACE FOR LIFE is closer to HR at times but with an own style and a good musicality. FLYING FIRE is another fancy song with stunning solo parts. Over 8 mins for WILD which takes a look to hard rock, being able to experimenting with, while WALLS OF WHISPERS is great but maybe a step behind. They restart with LET THERE BE FIRE, surely one of our favs, with its classic hard rock on top level, while MORE is a strong song before melodic, in the first slice, THE PROMISED LAND. KAT ARE BACK IN THEIR BEST SHAPE! TO SUGGEST!

TRACKLIST 1. Black Night In My Chair 2. Poker 3. Medival Fire 4. The Race For Life 5. Flying Fire 6. Wild 7. Walls Of Whispers 8. Let There be Fire 9. More 10. The Promised Land

LINE-UP Qbek Weigel VC Piotr Luczyk GT Adam „Harris" Jasiński BG Mariusz Prętkiewicz DR #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion


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