BAND SKANNERS ALBUM TEMPTATION LABEL Alpha Omega Records OUT 26/4/2019 OURVRATING 84/100 Classic Heavy Metal band from BOZEN, SKANNERS, will released their upcoming album “Temptation” on April 26th in Europe via Self Distribuzione Milano and CODE 7 /Plastic Head UK for ALPHA OMEGA Records Formed in 1982, they released the debut LP “Dirty Armada” becoming pioneers in the New Wave of Italian heavy metal. SKANNERS have shared stages with legends as Deep Purple, IN FLAMES, SAVAGE, DARK FUNERAL, VADER, METAL CHURCH, MOTORHEAD, HALLOWEEN, SAXON, MANOWAR, DIO, TWISTED SISTER and many other. SKANNERS’ latest, eighth album (CD/DVD) “Eins Zwei Drei Metal Party Live” came out in 2015 (dedicated to their former guitarist and founding member, Max Quinzio, who died the previous year). The band’s new album “Temptation” is set to be released in Europe on April 26th via Self Distribuzione Milano and CODE 7 /Plastic Head UK for ALPHA OMEGA Records. The first shot is IN FLAMMEN 666, a real metal attack..strong, powerful and able to be also other things, before RAYS IN THE DARKNESS, more classic and with great musicality. ROLLING IN THE FIRE is closer to hard rock sound, while CUT OF MY HEART that, after a soft intro, shows a riffing darker. We goes on with DEMONS OF TOMORROW, that shows a fine power metal sound enhanced by a great technical solo. Various next THE EYE, a great example of classic 80's metal, while LOST IN PARADISE, provides also a contemporary touch. Great vocals for class metal of THE LETTER, before BACK TO THE PAST, an anthemic kick in the teeth, enriched by amazing guitars runaways. Not less the stunning PRAY WITH MY ANGEL, lilting but with catchy chorus before melodic ALWAYS REMEMBER ends in the best way this fancy return!! YES..THE LEGEND GOES ON! SKANNERS ARE ON FIRE!!

TRACKLIST 1. In Flammen 666 2. Rays in the Darkness 3. Rolling in the Fire 4. Cut my Heart 5. Demons of Tomorrow 6. The Eye 7. Lost in Paradise 8. The Letter 9. Back to the Past 10. Pray with my Angel 11. Always Remember #pressagent ALPHA OMEGA Management / Skanners

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