BAND ENIO NICOLINI AND THE OTRON ALBUM CYBERSTORM LABEL Buil2Kill Records OUT 5/4/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 ENIO NICOLINI AND THE OTRON is the solo project of famous italian bass player ENIO NICOLINI, well-known on our pages as member of Unreal Terror and The Black. Musician and composer since late 70's, with this project he provides an unique work, that brings the listeners into a futuristic world full of fantastic histories. The sound is really particular with a strong formula based on bass, drums and vocals, all enhanced by eletronic elements. Different styles where the bass is the real starring, between almost stoner start of the titletrack and darker moments in PLANET X, while WARP MACHINE is an interesting prog/space trip. More direct ISS ARMADA, enriched by vocals of Tiziana Radis FANS CLUB. With the vibe of Mötorhead NANOIDS IN MY HEAD, before stronger NIGHT OF THE HUNT. TIMELESS LOVE is an interesting track where the band has the guts to dare! SURELY INTERESTING! A BAND THAT SHOW US SOMETHIN' DIFFERENT AND ORIGINAL!

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