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BAND TIR ALBUM Metal Shock  LABEL Gates of hell records OUT 10/5/2019 OUR RATING 88/100 TIR are one of the real cult underground traditional HM bands from Italy, ready to return with its first full-length album in eight years, called  Metal Shock, out on May 10th. Their career dates back to 1980 and METAL SHOCK is the hier of old-school metal tradition by having lyrics sung entirely in Italian. Formed in 1980 by the guitar tandem of Sergio Bonelli and Danilo Antonini, TIR, instead of releasing studio albums and seeking major label assistance, they preferred to perform live shows. However, while the metal scene waited for TIR to record a proper full-length album, the band stuck to their guns and simply kept playing live. TIR would split in 1986, only to reform two years later. It wasn't until 2011 that the band saw fit to release an album of original with the anthemic title Heavy Metal. Eight years later, TIR (who, in addition to Bonelli and Antonini, comprise long-time bassist Dino Gubinelli , vocalist Giuseppe Cialone and drummer Piero Arioni) return with Metal Shock, their first out via Gates of Hell Records.

Honestly: THIS ALBUM IS A BOMB! Both classic and fresh, hits us since first song called LA CITTÀ IN FIAMME, with vocals parts well groomed and a roaring bass. Riffs are so classic and amazing are entanglements between two axes and bass too; solos are literally on fire! Great the structure of LA SFIDA while BANCHE ARMATE is more squared and grows second after second. To remind continuous runaways in LA LUNA NEL CERCHIO, while CRAZY MAMA is more rockin', but always enhanced by great solos and "wars" between guitars. More classic DENTRO IL VUOTO while LASCIATECI FARE entertain us with its lilting riffs and stunning solos. We goes on with the title track before more rockin' BEAT 150 and the total attack of MITRA, while acoustic and fancy MEMORIA (FABER) ends in the best way this long-awaited return. TO SUGGEST!!

TRACKLIST 1. Città In Fiamme 2. La Sfida 3. Banche Armate 4. La Luna Nel Cerchio 5. Crazy Mama 6. Dentro Il Vuoto 7. Lasciateci Fare 8. Metal Shock 9. Beat 150 10. Mitra 11. Memoria (Faber)

LINEUP Sergio Bonelli GT  Danilo Antonini BT  Dino Gubinelli BG  Piero Arioni DR  Giuseppe Cialone VC #pressagent ClawHammer PR


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